Our lending approach goes beyond numbers. We consider ourselves a ‘success-sharing-community’ and invite you to become part of it. Here’s what we offer to investors.

Social Impact Assessment


We are confident that we can generate competitive returns within an asset class that adds diversity to your portfolio. On top we measure the so called ‘subjective career outcomes’ to quantify the human impact you are having. Because it is about more than just financial returns.



You do not just lend money. You buy into a community of bright minds attending the world’s best institutions to hone their talents. You will be connected to the freshest thinking in a rapidly changing global economy. And you provide more than just a source of funding—you help young prodigies find a meaningful place in society, and indirectly leverage your social impact through them.

Redefine the future of talent development


We love our loan scheme and the community we are re building. They get us excited every day. But we are working hard to make them look boring. There is a bigger mission behind all this. We operate in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Young people wanting to set themselves up for success face massive and unprecedented uncertainties about what the future of work will look like. They need flexibility and rapid, actionable insights. Traditional lending is too simplistic to serve these needs, leading to a massive restriction of human potential. We aim to make lending more holistic and predictive.

There is so much left to do.

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