Key features of the maintenance loan:

Financing dedicated to help European residents with day-to-day costs of studying, including relocation, deposits, costs of accommodation, food, books and well-being.

  • Borrow as little or as much as you need up to £1000 per month

  • Available as a long-term arrangement or a one-off support to help with specific costs

  • Paid directly to your bank account

  • You pay interest only during your studies - to avoid accumulating too much compound interest

Ready to apply?

Here is how it works

Contact us to discuss your study funding.


Regardless of whether you have already applied to a university, have already been accepted to it or are merely thinking of studying and just want to get some information, just drop us a line and tell us a little bit about yourself and your goals. We will get back quickly. There are no strings attached.

Preliminary assessment for your funding

2. Apply for funding PART I: Preliminary ASSESSMENT

If you think our funding, community, and career development services are helpful for you, you can apply to become a Filentia member. We have a preliminary assessment for you that looks at your personal interests, career goals, and desired degrees. We are also happy to give you feedback on your choices if you need a second opinion.

Profound student loan assessment.


If we both agree that we are a good match for your career journey, we will ask you to complete a few assessments and share your application documentation with us. We will use this not only to decide whether or not we can invest in your future (to make sure we can deliver on the our promises and provide only the highest level of service, we limit the number of individuals we support) but also to have a strong foundation on which we can base our career advice and coaching services. We do not just talk of personalisation. We mean it.


4. Apply for funding PART III: INTERVIEW

We love data but we are also a little old fashioned. The third step of the process consists of an interview (personal or via Skype) with the Filentia founders. We want to get to know you and give you a chance of getting to know us personally. We are in this together for a long time. And we love our community. So let’s make sure that we have a good feeling about it.

Receive confirmation for tuition funding

5. Receive confirmation

We will confirm quickly if you are eligible for maintenance fee loan.


6. Get into your dream course

Congratulations — You made it!

We settle your tuition fees directly.


We will pay you the funds monthly as you go through your studies to make sure you do not accumulate interest unnecessarily on funds you don’t use. If you also asked for a tuition fee loan, we will wire that to your university directly.