Our company’s products are purely purpose driven. We really mean our values and so they affect everything we do and how we interact with our stakeholders and with each other. Everything we do is marked by our core values:


Just like we desire to help people to pursue their dreams solely based on talent, so do we value that fairness is an essential element of every decision we make.  

Growth Mindset

We strive for continuous improvement. By adopting a learning spirit, we don’t stick to past decisions and accept that honest mistakes can happen even to perfectionists. We are continuous learners who prefer immediate constructive action over blame.

Respectful Honesty

We value honesty to lift each other up through meaningful debates. The need to speak up is not just an obligation but also an inner urge for us. 


We are acutely aware of the trust that our customers, investors, and colleagues put in us and are fully committed to deserving this trust every single day.

We strive to make people awesome. Not just our students but also our staff and our investors. The core of this business is about uplifting each other and sharing success.


Enjoying the Journey

Happiness does not lie as much in achieving things as it lies in the shared journey and how we grow together through it. Just like we work hard to make sure our clients have fun in their career, we need to celebrate our privilege of putting our mission into reality often.